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Formation Insight

How to complete your Company Incorporation.

It takes a few easy steps to successfully register your UK limited company.

  • Use the Company Name Check to see if your chosen name is available
  • Choose a Package and add any optional products and services
  • Complete the online registration process adding officer details etc 
  • Finally enter your Payment information and submit your application

We will then track your application at Companies House and providing the name of the company passes Companies house guidelines we should have your company registered within 1 to 3 hours.

What you get

All Packages

We will provide the complete Incorporation service from when you initially search to see if your chosen name is available, all the way to when your certificate of incorporation and any other important documentation reaches the inbox of your e-mail program. We will then process any additional products and services that you have ordered.

All legalities will have been taken care of in order for you to start operating as a limited company. Initially documentation will be sent by e- mail.

If however you have opted to upgrade your order to one of our more comprehensive packages, documentation will be sent by e-mail and sent by post in hard copies to the correspondence address provided. 


How it works

The process starts by your first choosing what package you wish to order from us, and then entering the company details for the company you wish to form. Our website guides you through this process step-by-step.

You are then asked for the details for your officers of the company. This is basically anyone who is going to be a company director, member, company secretary and a shareholder (owner) of the company.

When you have entered these officers details the next stage asks you for their "digital signature". This is the important part that sets electronic filing apart from the traditional paper filing. Instead of the old way of having to sign forms, with electronic filing you have to enter 3 personally identifiable pieces of information. An example is as follows;

"Please enter the first three letters of the name of the town in which you were born". If you were born in Leeds, then your answer would be "LEE", and so forth with the other questions.

You also have the opportunity to purchase any "optional extras" that we have to offer during the Incorporation process. Once all sections are complete you are then ready to submit your application to Companies House. At this point you will be directed to our secure payment page with Secure Trading or WorldPay.


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